We ensure that all Ballistic Armour Technologies products operating in the field are well supported. Our 24hour Customer Support number (see bottom of page) is manned by experienced senior personnel.

Some components can be maintained by BAT appointed agents in the clients area, or by the clients own specially trained technicians. This is of value to clients who are based far from BAT.

Electronic components and software, particularly those which form part of the electronic security of the vehicle, may only be repaired by a BAT technician or a fully trained technician who is approved by both the client and BAT.

BAT works closely with suppliers of managed maintenance and Full Maintenance Lease programmes to ensure that any maintenance costs your vehicle incurs (including components not covered by the vehicle OEM) are not lost from the total cost of operating records. This allows the owner to have an accurate record of all maintenance costs.

Remote Assembly

Due to the nature of our designs and accurate manufacturing processes, our kits are suitable for remote assembly by semi-skilled technicians. This allows us to send our product in kit form to international clients, reducing costs (of complete vehicle logistics), increasing local content of production in the clients country and providing an improved opportunity for local technicians to understand the product.

This exacting standard of our product design and manufacture is also what enables the easy transfer of old kits into new vehicles of the same model.

Customer Support Line

Our Customer Support line operates on a 24/7 basis, with
service personnel always available (except on Easter Friday
and Monday, Chrismas Day and New Years day).

Mobile Number : 079 316 8867

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