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About Ballistic Armour Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Ballistic Armour Technologies (BAT) was established in 1993, driven by a vision to create armoured vehicles which offered a higher calibre of protection with a more visually appealing appearance than was currently available in the market.

This was achieved by combining high quality production and assembly practices with creative flair, and focusing this approach on the commercial market only. At that time,  the concepts of vehicle life cycle costing and cost of ownership were becoming more relevant in the South African economy and this need was adopted as a key  design principle of the company.

What resulted is a Proudly South African company which has achieved a dominant position in the market, keeping to the core philosophy that our products must be Engineered to be the Best.

We operate out of our own 5000m2 facility in the City of Germiston in South Africa, which houses:

• Vehicle Design & Prototype Shop, including CAD-CAE and CAM capability. We design and prototype all proprietary hardware and software in-house.

• Full Component Manufacturing Workshop, including an automated laser cutter, welding stations, metals preparation and paint shop. This allows us to manufacture our components in-house, giving us control over quality, allowing flexibility and ensuring shorter lead times.

• An in-house Electrical Hardware Manufacturing Facility, including wiring looms and electrical assemblies.

• Assembly Shop, where we assemble our vehicles and integrate third party equipment in one facility, all to a single quality control standard.

• Repair Shop, for regular maintenance and repairs as well as full refurbishment of existing vehicles and componentry, including transferring of old kits and bodies onto new chassis or base vehicles.

• Our modern Parts Warehouse, to ensure efficient production and parts holding for our clients.

BAT's strength lies in our inherent quality, flexibility and scalability, having the advantages of a large company but retaining the flexibility and personal interaction with our clients, which one normally associates with a small business.

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