Cab kits to be installed on to pick ups
• The Ballistic Armour Technologies cab-kit has one core objective; to meet the clients' need to protect the occupants of the vehicle from harm! All designs are created in-house and are never outsourced or shared with any other party. 

• Only the best high grade imported armour steel is used. 

• The locally produced bullet resistant window glass is optically correct and meets the appropriate international standard for each application.  On certain pick-up models, an attractive single piece curved windscreen is also available.

• The armour kit fitted into double-cab light commercial vehicles is equally safe and is user friendly as possible.

• BAT also fits accessories as specified by the client, such as various emergency lights, sirens, public address systems, mesh screens, snorkels etc.

• The design of an armour kit is a complex, expensive and time-consuming process. For this reason, BAT cannot accept most requests for unique 'one-off' designs. Fortunately, because our standard designs are flexible, we can usually accommodate most requests by using standard designs and making suitable modifications.
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