Standard 1-ton Light Commercial Vehicles

We make armoured cab-kits and load bodies for most African variants of Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Isuzu 1-ton pick-up's, in both right and left-hand drive configurations. Look at the Cab-Kits and Valuables-in-transit pages for more detail.

The kits are manufactured as a prefabricated capsule, which is assembled in the interior of the cabin. Separately hinged armour doors, incorporating sliding or fixed bullet resistant glass windows, are bolted to the internal armour shell which in turn is attached directly to the chassis. No additional weight or force is carried by the cab structure or doors. This method of installation ensures there is minimal structural modification to the base vehicle. Changes to the interior ergonomics are kept to a minimum to ensure driver comfort, control and safety.

The kit format of armouring ensures that your purchase is cost-effective due to its reusability. The entire kit can easily be transferred to a new vehicle and, after a simple refurbishment, the old vehicle can be sold into the used vehicle market to generate a capital return.

The ballistic protection level offered is against Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles when chambered with standard 39mm Ball ammunition. Higher levels of protection can be offered on limited areas e.g. doors, firewall, bulkhead etc depending on the axle carrying capacities of the base vehicle.

Light-Weight Armed Response Vehicle

With the alarming rise of armed robberies in homes and shopping centres, armed-response security personnel have increasingly come under fire from criminals.
In co-operation with General Motors SA, BAT developed an armoured lightweight rapid response unit based on the Chevrolet Utility pick-up. With all round protection against large calibre handgun rounds (up to .44 Magnum), responding officers are now able to approach an active crime scene with greater safety in a vehicle that is affordable to both purchase and operate.

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