Armour kits are strong and durable, outlasting any base vehicle they may be built on. They can be repeatedly transferred to another vehicle of the same model. Should the vehicle be written-off after an accident, much of the armour, bullet resistant glass and componentry can usually be used in the replacement vehicle, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Damaged or 'tired' vehicles can be brought to BAT for refurbishment and repair. The armour kits are fully reworked and updated to new standard. If the refurbished armour kit is to be installed on a new vehicle, the older vehicle can be restored to roadworthy condition for sale into the used vehicle market.

All designs created at BAT are available, even the very early models, for any repair and refurb requests we receive.

All parts are manufactured in-house, with steel components cut on our own laser cutting bed.

Parts are allocated a part number, facilitating quick stock replenishment and order filling.

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