An armoured monocoque unit is suitable for use as a personnel carrier or as a cash or any other valuables-in-transit carrier such as bullion or ore concentrate. Each body is custom designed to suit the base chassis as well as the specific requirements of the customer.

This type of vehicle design offers some advantages over the conventional separated cab / loadbody design but once built, the monocoque body cannot be substantially altered as it is homologated in that specific configuration.

An armoured monocoque offers the occupants complete all round ballistic protection against Kalashnikov AK47 standard ball ammunition but if required we can also accommodate NATO 7.62 x 51 mm ball and Nato 5.56 x 45 mm ball rounds.

A monocoque design is a more expensive vehicle to purchase. The complex body is costly in terms of both design and manufacture. A standard truck or pick-up is stripped down to the chassis, with the cabin, doors, glass etc being discarded. A single-structure armour body is then built on to the chassis. Because of these substantial changes, the original manufacturer's warranty is usually voided.

When the vehicle chassis and drivetrain become too old to operate cost-effectively, there is no option of restoring the base chassis and selling it into the used market. The armour body can sometimes be transferred to a new chassis of the same model, but the old chassis and transmission are generally sold off as parts.
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